Huck Finn Jubilee Jam
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Huck Finn Jubilee

Fan Site

Welcome traditional Bluegrass fans. We hope to create a place for longtime Huck Finn Jubilee fans to gather, provide commentary on the festival, share their music, buy, sell or trade instruments, and talk. A Huck Finn Jubilee Jam on the internet.Please go on over to our Blog where we hope to have some good reading for you. Join the Forum and post some instruments you have for sale or trade.

We are fans of the Huck Finn Jubilee traditional bluegrass festival held Father’s Day in Ontario, California. The official Huck Finn Jubilee site is available through numerous links here.

We love the family friendly atmosphere of the festival and the tradition of bringing bluegrass’ finest musicians here to the Inland Empire. For decades the festival has combined the finest traditions of bluegrass with Southern California beauty. With the commitment of the Southwest Bluegrass Association, and many other bluegrass associations, it was built into the grand event it is.

Bluegrass music, camping, and a wide array of family friendly activities for both children and adults is what bluegrass festivals are all about. Longtime friends returning to talk, listen, jam. Huck Finn Jubilee is not your typical music festival which is why people have returned to it year after year. Generations of bluegrass fans gathering to celebrate tradition.

On Father’s Day Weekend in Ontario, California there is something very peaceful about falling asleep with your children to the sounds of Huck Finn Jubilee‘s traditional bluegrass off in the distance. Calming and somehow just right. We believe it is important for Huck Finn Jubilee to keep the tradition of strings vibrating against wood.

Please add your voice here. Comments and Criticisms of Huck Finn Jubilee are welcome. This fan site is all about dialog. Join us as contributors. This is the festival you have created for a reason and it is important. Feel free to Contact Us with any comments you have too.